Alpine Truss supplies Roof Trusses, Wall Frames and Flooring Systems to major project builders, small builders and owner builders throughout Victoria and Southern NSW.

We manufacture Roof Trusses for a wide range of roof shapes, from simple traditional layouts to more complex designs, allowing greater flexibility of room layout. Alpine Truss utilises the latest technologies from computer designed frames and trusses, to digitally controlled sawing and nailing equipment.

Our Wall Frames are engineered by our in-house experienced designers, and manufactured in accordance with all the relevant Australian Standards using the latest Mitek 20/20 software.

Our flooring systems utilise Posi-Strut joists, designed and manufactured in house under license from Mitek Australia Ltd, and are available in three depth sizes, 248mm, 302mm and 412mm, with either 70x45mm or 90x45mm timber. We do not use the minimum 35mm timber specification.

Our products are designed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and manufactured from renewable sources of structural graded pine. All our Roof Trusses, Wall and Flooring systems can incorporate H2F termite resistant pine that comes with a 25 year guarantee.