Posi-Strut Floor System

Posi-Strut joists are parallel chord trusses using timber chords “on flat” and the unique Posi-Strut metal webs.

Posi-Strut joists are designed and manufactured using the latest Mitek 20/20 software, specifically to your plan

and come with a detailed layout to make for easy installation.

Alpine Truss supply Posi-Strut joists in three depth sizes, 248mm, 302mm and 412mm.

We manufacture our Posi-Strut using either 70x45mm or 90x45mm timbers.

We do not use the minimum 35mm timber specification.

Posi-Strut Joists can be supplied treated against termites, offering a 25 year guarantee.

Alpine Truss also supplies particle board sheet flooring which can be delivered at the same time as your floor system.

Posi-Strut Advantages:

Posi-strut• A fully engineered floor system designed in accordance to AS1684.1-1999.

• Larger clear spans.

• Manufactured to size, eliminating wastage and the need to trim on site.

• Plumbing, electrical and other services can be run between chords and webs.

• No drilling or notching required to accommodate services.

• Additional width available for fixing flooring.

• Lightweight and easy to install.

• Installation is faster due to longer continuous spans.

• Strongback bracing increases floor stiffness and reduces squeaky floors.

• All timbers are supplied from a renewable resource.

• Less labour required on site.

• Delivered on time.

• Supply to all of Victoria

• Available in Termite Resistant Timber