Alpine Truss is extremely proactive and is dedicated to providing best practice wastage and recycling policies to ensure minimal environmental impact by our processes. Our Roof Trusses and Wall Frames are produced from timbers sourced only from sustainable timber plantations.

Our machinery and production methods are designed to produce a minimum of timber wastage, however, both the environment and local companies, such as Merriwa Industries, benefit from the off-cuts. Delivered to Merriwa Industries without charge, the timber off-cuts are reprocessed into particle-board. The cardboard and paper, along with the steel straps and plastic sheeting used to contain the timber packs during transit and storage, are sent to the appropriate recyclers for recycling and reuse, thereby reducing landfill and overall wastage of our natural resources.

Alpine Truss is committed to the principles of sustainable development ensuring our activities, products and services consider the social and environmental consequences as well as financial outcomes.

All work practices, purchasing and operating procedures have been designed, purchased, maintained and developed to minimize resource use and wastage whilst still ensuring the viability of the Company.

Resource use and wastage is minimized using the following steps in order of priority.

Reduce or eliminate if possible.
• Waste and off-cuts.
• Printing only required documents and ensuring they are double sided.
• Reuse – ensuring resources are used again for a similar or different purpose.
• Recycle – resources are reprocessed rather than entering landfill.
• Recycling all steel straps.
• Paper and cardboard.
• Timber off cuts.
• Plastic Wrap.
All employees of Alpine Truss are expected to comply with the intentions outlined in this policy, and contribute to further ideas on waste prevention, re-use and recycling initiatives.